About Me

I got my start in graphic design and information technology as a teenager working for the weekly newspaper in my hometown of Windom, Minnesota. I went on to become editor of my college newspaper, also a weekly, at St. Olaf College. From there most of my working career has been in graphic design, entering the web development business in the mid-90's and never looking back. I now develop exclusively on the Squarespace platform for its ease of use and and quick development capabilities. 

It's important to me to work with clients I like. My portfolio is full of business startups, artists and creators, non-profits, and spiritual organizations. 

I'm currently a council member at Grace Lutheran Church, a sustaining member with Local First Arizona, and a member of the Squarespace Circle Developer program. Formerly I was on the board of Khalsa Montessori Schools and a very active PTO member there, and I was a Girl Scout leader with the mighty Troop 190.

I'm a writer as well, working on a memoir about my life with my father, and republishing some books of poetry I wrote in my twenties. Read more about that on brianflatgard.com.